At Airmax® we are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish with our EnviroDEFENSE® and Airmax® product lines to help make the World a safer and cleaner place to live. We hope the field studies and lab trials here will better help you decide what products you will need to solve the problem you are having.

EnviroDEFENSE® WasteWater

EnviroDEFENSE® Starch Degrader

EnviroDEFENSE® Natural Composter

EnviroDEFENSE® FOG Degrader

EnviroDEFENSE® PurPond Aquaculture Field Study

EnviroDEFENSE® LagoonClear Tablets Field Study

EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePro Field Study

EnviroDEFENSE® Sludge Dewatering White Paper

EnviroDEFENSE® PurPond Aquatic Field Study

EnviroDEFENSE® WasteWater HC